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Natural anti-inflammatory

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Enjoy the benefits of natural products you can trust.

100% natural products

All Novalife products come from the finest natural ingredients available on the planet. They are unique mixtures of medicinal plants recognized for medicinal and healing properties and used for hundreds of years to treat various health problems.

Natural anti-inflammatory
Natural anti-inflammatory

Fast and effective

You will feel the positive effects of Novalife products within a few days. Our recipes are made of powerful active ingredients that provide relief quickly, effectively and safely.

Outstanding quality and safe!

Skeptical about natural products?

All Novalife products are meticulously researched. Plants aren’t safe just because they’re natural, so we take great care to create blends that have no side effects and are safe for long-term use.

Natural anti-inflammatory

Novalife is…

A family business in Canada specializing in the design, production and distribution of natural health products.

We are passionate about the healing properties of plants and we know that our unique recipes will meet your needs.

Daniel and Raphael Labelle, Co-founders of Novalife